Friday, February 5, 2010

Burn Awareness Week February 7-13 "Scald's"

According to the American Burn Association and Shriners Children’s Hospital, every day 300 young children are taken to emergency rooms a crossed the country with a burn injury. These children weren’t even near a flame. The children are victims of scalds.

Scald burns (caused by hot tap water, hot beverages, steam or foods) are the most common burn injury among children age 4 and younger. Surprisingly, most scald injuries occur while children are bathing.

Here are some recommendations to help prevent scald injuries.
- Lower the temperature settings on water heaters to 120° F (49° C) or less.
- Install anti-scald devices on water faucets and shower heads.
- Use knob covers on faucets.
- Create “kid free zones” in the kitchen near the stove.

Basic First Aid for scald injuries.
- Remove all affected clothing, diapers, shoes etc.
- Cool scalded area briefly with cold water
- Cover with clean, dry covering
- Do not apply creams, salves, ointments or butter
- Depending on the situation seek medical attention or call 9-1-1

Additional resources:
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