Thursday, February 3, 2011

Burn Awareness Week February 6-12, 2011

According to the American Burn Association and Shriners Children’s Hospital,
about 95 percent of scald burns (which are caused by hot liquids, steam or foods) occur in the home. Scalds are the most common burn injury among young children and the leading cause of accidental death in the home for children under age 4. U.S. hospitals treat an estimated 16,000 children under 5 for scalds every year.

Here are some recommendations to help prevent scald injuries.
- Lower the temperature settings on water heaters to 120° F (49° C) or less.
- Install anti-scald devices on water faucets and shower heads.
- Use knob covers on faucets.
- Create “kid free zones” in the kitchen near the stove.

Additional resources:
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