Friday, November 12, 2010

A Bird Stuck in A Tree?

Tacoma Fire Department recently responded to a request for assistance for a "bird stuck in a tree...".  How could a "bird be stuck in a tree" you ask?  Upon arrival, the crew from TFD's Ladder 3 had their answer.

A Falconer was training a wild Red Tailed Hawk by tethering it to a very long, thin cord and letting it practice flying back and forth.  Unfortunately on one of the flights, the cord got caught up high in the branches of a large maple tree near the duck pond at Point Defiance Park.

Ladder 3's crew extended a 35' ground ladder allowing a firefighter to climb up, unhook the tangled tether, and re-hook their own rope to carry the hawk down safely. 

All-in all a successful operation, with no injuries to report to the falcon or firefighters.    

Ladder-3 (C-Shift), Captain Tom Zurfluh, Firefighter Ted Wold, Firefighter Zach Prida (on ladder)