Tuesday, May 11, 2010

West Slope Training Burn

Date: 05/11/2010
Location: 922 Linden Lane

Narrative: On Tuesday May 11, 2010, Tacoma Fire Department participated in a residential training burn at 922 Linden Lane in Tacoma’s West Slope neighborhood.

Approximately 30 firefighters and staff participated in several drills throughout the day. The enormous size (6,000 square feet) and the specific style of the construction of the house gave crews the unique opportunity to practice flat roof ventilation techniques, forcible entry, interior fire attack, “softening” of the buildings security features and to set multiple fires in numerous room configurations.

TFD’s training center staff spent months coordinating the regulatory aspects of the burn and they (along with several fire crews) devoted numerous hours preparing the building for the drill (removing toxic materials, stripping the roof etc).  There were no injuries reported and overall it was a very successful training burn