Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Camp Blaze 2009

Tacoma WA - August 4, 2009

Narrative: With a flurry of activity and shouts of encouragement, campers enthusiastically began their drill rotations this morning at the Tacoma Fire Department Training Center. Camp Blaze, hosted by Tacoma Fire Department and Seattle Fire Department attracts 16-19 year old females from across the United States. This years 24 participants got to try out several firefighter skills today, including climbing a 100 foot aerial ladder, repelling down a building out of a fourth floor window and cutting the roof off of cars with the “jaws of life” hydraulic tool. Campers are building their skills each day of camp, culminating in "live fire" exercises at the end of the week.

Career female firefighters are serving as instructors/mentors for the week long adventure and their overall goal is to teach leadership skills, teamwork and provide campers with exposure to a potential career in the fire service.