Tuesday, December 14, 2010

TFD food drive supports YWCA

An annual event since 2003, Tacoma Fire Department takes great pride in supporting our local YWCA.   Department employees hosted several friendly contests to see which team could bring in the most donations - with the firefighters on "D" shift narrowly edging out the "day shift" staff as top contributors. 

While the internal competition was fierce, the real winner was the residents of the YWCA women's shelter.  Since 1976, this vital organization has been helping women and children overcome the grips of domestic violence.  A long human supply chain of firefighters and YWCA staff helped to unload and stock a whopping 7,400 pounds of non-perishable staples.  "We were thrilled to be able to deliver a record amount of food to the shelter this year" said TFD Training Captain and event organizer Steve Stock.  "We had so much, that we ran out of space in their storage room - that was awesome!"