Thursday, April 7, 2011

Recruit Firefighters-Live Fire Training

Incident Date:  April 6, 2011
Issuing Officer:  Faith Mueller

Narrative:  On April 6, 2011, 24 Tacoma Fire Department recruit firefighters and their instructors participated in search and rescue drills, flammable liquid extinguishment and live fire training drills at the Washington State Fire Academy training grounds in North Bend, WA. 

The recruits practiced basic and advanced skills needed for a firefighter to function efficiently during interior search and rescue missions using their self contained breathing apparatus.

They participated in field exercises utilizing specially designed mockups of automobiles burning at a curbside and other portable flammable liquid props.  They learned the behavior of flammable liquids, the procedures required to safely control and extinguish flammable fuel fires and also the environmental concerns that must be addressed.

Lastly, the recruits took part in the "Burn to Learn" course which is designed for new firefighters and presents an unusual opportunity to review hose handling basic skills in a demanding fireground scenario.