Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fire Incidents 2/19/13

Time: 2:06 a.m.
Address:  1624 72nd St E Central Pierce
Response: Station 15
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Firefighters found a large volume of white smoke coming from behind a strip mall.  Upon further investigation it was determined to be a prohibited outdoor burn at a residence behind the strip mall.  

Time: 9:11 a.m.
Address:  8001 S. "J" Street
Response: Station 2,7,8,11,63,68 
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  A box of combustibles was set on top of a convection oven in the school kitchen at Baker Middle School, and eventually got hot enough to ignite.  A teacher extinguished the fire with a dry chemical extinguisher.  A manual pull station was activated by staff and the school was evacuated.  Crews confirmed that the fire was out, checked for fire extension, and reset the pull station and alarm system.  

Time: 6:12 p.m.
Address:  5827 S. Pine Street
Response: Station 2,7,8,10
Damage Estimate: $93
Narrative:  Crews arrived to find a small fire under a couch where it had been sitting on an electrical cord that was connected to extension cord.   The weight of the couch caused the cord to overheat and ignite.  Crews removed the couch, ventilated the building and educated the homeowner to the dangers of "piggy backing" multiple power strips and extension cords. 

Time: 7:08 p.m.
Address:  2525 20th St E
Response: Station 12
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Firefighters used a booster line to extinguish burning newspapers on the shoulder of a road.