Monday, March 11, 2013

Fire Incidents for 3/8/-3/10, 2013

Date: 3/8 
Time: 8:13 a.m. 
Address:  1440 Port of Tacoma Rd
Response: Station 1,2,4,8,9,12
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Small fire in recycling materials at a recycling business.  Employees extinguished the fire with a standpipe hose station prior to our arrival.

Date: 3/8 
Time: 12:50 p.m. 
Address:  6801 S. Adams
Response: Station 7
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Crews extinguished small grass fire in an open field area.

Date: 3/8 
Time: 7:15 p.m. 
Address:  816 S. 8th Street
Response: Station 1
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Crews extinguished a smoldering fire in a garbage can.  Undetermined source of ignition and fire contained to the can.

Date: 3/9 
Time: 9:45 p.m. 
Address:  3705 McKinley Ave
Response: Station 11
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Responded twice for reported prohibited outdoor burning.  Arrived both times to find occupants had a small fire in a barbecue grill.

Date: 3/10 
Time: 6:25 a.m. 
Address:  914 E. 54th Street
Response: Station 15
Damage Estimate: None
Narrative:  Prohibited outdoor burning of common combustibles.

Date: 3/10 
Time: 12:44 p.m. 
Address:  1028 E. 68th Street
Response: Station 8,15
Damage Estimate: $522
Narrative:  Crews extinguished a fire that ignited in a dryer.  Firefighters used a positive pressure fan to remove the smoke and Thermal Imaging Camera to make sure the fire hadn't extended into the duct work.

Date: 3/10 
Time: 4:34 p.m. 
Address:  1717 S. 84th Street
Response: Station 7,8,10,15
Damage Estimate: $93
Narrative:  Crews responded to a reported cooking fire.  Food in the oven had ignited and the fire contained to the oven.

Date: 3/10 
Time: 7:22 p.m. 
Address:  S. Orchard St and Ramsdell St
Response: Station 16
Damage Estimate: $93
Narrative:  Prohibited outdoor fire at homeless encampment.