Monday, May 6, 2013

Arson Awareness Week May 5-11, 2013

May 5-11, 2013 is National Arson Awareness Week, and this year’s theme is "reducing residential arson".

To reduce the risk of Arson in your neighborhood:
  • Clean around your house
  • Trim or remove shrubbery that may block the view of your house from the street
  • Remove unused and unneeded paper, trash, cleaning supplies and other materials that could be used as fuel for a fire
  • Install lights that cover all sides of your house
  • Install a burglar and fire alarm system in your home
  • Keep doors and windows locked
  • Make sure your smoke alarms are in proper working condition

To report a fire call 9-1-1.  In a non-emergency situation, when you know or suspect that an arson crime has been committed, or to report suspicious activity, call (253) 591-5740.

link to reducing arson information from the US Fire Administration
Visit the U.S. Fire Administration for additional information.