Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Fire Incident for June 11, 2013

Time:  4:42 p.m.
Address:  WB Hwy 16 at Sprague
Response:  Station 4
Damage Estimate:  none
Narrative:  Firefighters extinguished an approximately 800 square foot grass fire on the side of the freeway.

Time:  5:25 p.m.
Address:  662 S. Pearl St.
Response:  Station 16
Damage Estimate:  $50
Narrative:  Firefighters responded to a minor electrical fire that started in a fuse panel in the engine compartment of a car.

Time:  5:25 p.m.
Address:  2909 S. 38th St.
Response:  Station 8
Damage Estimate:  undetermined
Narrative:  Firefighters responded to a evergreen bush fire next to the drive-thru window at a fast-food restaurant. Employees had extinguished the fire prior to our arrival. The fire had impinged on the building and damaged some of the plastic fascia on the eves. Firefighters removed the damaged material and confirmed there was no fire extension.

Time:  8:44 p.m.
Address:   2235 62nd Ave E.
Response:  Station 1,2,8,11,12, 71
Damage Estimate:  $6,000
Narrative:  Firefighters responded to a reported apartment fire. Upon arrival, the first arriving engine company determined that there was a fire on the deck of a second floor unit. Crews extinguished the fire on the deck and where it had extended to the attic space above. The cause of the fire was improperly discarded cigarette butts igniting combustible materials in a trash can on the deck. There were no injuries to report.