Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fire causes extensive damage to NE Tacoma home

Incident Date:  11/21/22
Issuing Officer:  Joe Meinecke
Incident Location:  3130 59th Ave NE
Incident Type: House Fire

Narrative:  At 10:26 PM Firefighters from stations 1,2,3,8 and 12 responded to a reported house fire. The first arriving engine company found a fully involved house fire that had vented through the roof of the 970 square foot single story home. Crews took a defensive strategy against the well entrenched blaze, and protected the home nearby exposed to the intense heat and flames. 

The homes two occupants were able to escape safely and there are no injuries to report. The cause of the fire is currently under investigation.

UPDATE: The cause of the fire was improperly discarded fireplace ashes igniting combustibles resulting in an estimated $165,000 damage to the building and its contents. The fire burned through a portion of the garage that had no dry wall, then raced across the unprotected rafters throughout the entire attic area. The house is considered a total loss.