Saturday, April 19, 2014

Firefighters team up with citizens to rescue six duckling

Six small ducklings were safely reunited with their mother after being rescued from a storm water drain by Ladder 1 and a group of citizens. The ducklings had apparently fallen through the metal grate while crossing the street near Stadium High School. Firefighters borrowed a pool skimmer from a neighbor to reach the ducklings who were huddled together in the outflow pipe, about four feet down.

How did the baby ducks get in the storm drain?
They appeared to have been washed down through the grate during a heavy rain shower. As you have seen, they were tiny ducklings.

What did the mother duck do?
She quacked loudly while walking in circles around the grate, soon getting the attention of concerned citizens.

Did the citizens call 911?
No, but one citizen went to the house of an off-duty firefighter to ask for advice.

Why did the fire department get involved?
The mother duck and the citizens insisted that something needed to be done before the next cloud burst swept the tiny ducklings down into the storm water system.

Does the fire department carry special tools for rescuing small animals from the storm drains?
No, but the citizens gathered items to help from nearby businesses and homes.

After they were reunited with their mother, what did the ducklings do?
They followed their mother to a safe location

How often do you rescue animals?
Rarely – animal control is the primary agency for animal issues. If we are not on an emergency, we will assist when we are able and it is safe to do so.