Thursday, June 6, 2013

Fire Incidents for June 5, 2013

Time:  3:50 a.m.
Address:  6622 S. Mason Ave.
Response:  Station 2,7,8,10,17
Damage Estimate:  undetermined
Narrative:  Firefighters responded to a reported fire at a residence. The first arriving company found a small gasoline fueled fire around a service entrance to a cable box. Crews extinguished the fire and Tacoma police department had one person in custody for starting it at the time of our arrival.

Time:  12:45 p.m.
Address:  505 S. 38th St. 
Response:  Station 1,2,8,11,12,15,17
Damage Estimate:  $3,300
Narrative:  Firefighters responded to a reported house fire. The first arriving company found smoke and flames showing from the second floor of the two-story 1,040 square foot house. Crews extinguished the fire that started in a bedroom with handlines and confirmed no one was inside the residence. The house was vacant and under renovation, and it appears that someone had made access into the building and started the fire. The incident was referred to Tacoma Police Department for follow-up.